The Divine Comedy Illustration by Sandro Botticelli

The Influence of Literature on Modern Art

Dante, The Divine Comedy,

Scrovegni Chapel, Giotto
Inferno XVI, Luca Signorelli
Madonna Medeci or Madonna with Child, Luca Signorelli
Doni Tondo, Michaelangelo
Capella di San Brizio of Orvieto Cathedral, Luca Signorelli
The Damned, Luca Signorelli
Ugolino and His Children, Joshua Reynolds
Ugolino and his Sons Starving to Death in the Tower (1806), Henry Fuseli
Ugolino and his sons in their cell, William Blake
Giancotto discovers Paolo and Francesca, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Le Barque de Dante, Eugene Delacroix
Beata Beatrix, Dante Gabriel Rosetti
The Kiss, Auguste Rodin
The Gates of Hell, Auguste Rodin
Ugolino (1906), Auguste Rodin

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